Wallpaper Installation

B.L. Radden & Son, Inc. provides the highest quality wallpaper installation in the Central Kentucky area.  Radden Painting is recognized as experienced, meticulous, detail oriented professional paperhangers.  We use the best practices and materials to prepare walls and install wallcoverings. 

Radden Painting is committed to providing our customers with a wallpaper hanging experience unlike any other.  From your first contact to Radden Painting to the completion of your project, you will appreciate the value of hiring Lexington’s most reputable and experienced wallpaper installation company.

What separates Radden Painting from other wallpaper installers is our attention to detail.  No steps are ever skipped and we pay attention to every detail.  Hanging wallpaper is an art form that requires intense dedication and commitment.  We take our work seriously and guarantee that you will be pleased with the final result.

If you are like most homeowners or business owners, you want the appearance of your interior space to be an extension of who you are as a person and you also want others to feel at ease when visiting. You know that in order to achieve this you need to decorate with care and attention to detail, which includes the walls of a home or business.  These days, people are choosing to use their walls as the biggest decorative element in a room.  Designer wallcovering is all the rage and it is quickly taking the interior design world by storm.  As a leading wallpaper installation company, Radden loves working with homeowners to transform the look and feel of their interiors. 

Wallpaper offers limitless options, helping you create a unique interior design, from detailed prints to irresistible textures.  Take your décor to the next level and make a lasting impression.  Transform your space through wallpaper. From unique and whimsical to classic and clean, the design options are limitless with wallpaper. Create a one-of-a-kind impression with ease. 

Wallpaper has seen a radical transformation over the last decade and here are the reasons why:

  • Versatility | Wallcoverings are available in a variety of patters, colors and textures as well as wide range of materials.
  • Attractive | Gone are the days of simple pin stripes and floral patterns. You have a plethora of attractive style options from which to choose.
  • Long-lasting | Wallcoverings have an average lifespan of fifteen years.

B.L. Radden & Son, Inc. provides the absolute highest quality wallpaper installation in the Central Kentucky area.Radden Painting specializes in all types of wallpaper installations including:

  • Vinyl
  • Screen prints
  • Hand prints
  • Borders
  • Fabrics
  • Silks
  • Murals
  • Grass cloth
  • String cloth
  • Mylar
  • Foils
  • Wall carpets
  • & More

Radden Painting offers the following services:

  • Design consultations
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Residential and commercial wallpaper installation
  • Alternative wall covering installation
  • Specialty wall coverings
  • Border installation
  • Installation of decorative wall panels
  • Installation of wall murals

Common areas for wallpaper include:

  • Hallways
  • Stairways
  • Foyers
  • Lobbies
  • Offices
  • Bathrooms
  • Powder rooms

Not every surface is immediately ready for wallpaper.  Radden Painting can prep the walls, which may include removing existing wallpaper, filling in any surface irregularities or laying down a coat of primer.  Contact B.L. Radden & Son, Inc. for a free estimate.  You can trust Radden Painting with all of your wallpaper installation needs. For more information, check out our website at www.raddenpainting.com