Residential Painting  

When it comes to exceptional residential painting, no other painting company does it better than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc.When it comes to residential painting, no other painting company does it better than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc.  Now in our fourth generation with over 84 years of experience, Radden Painting excels in residential painting. With decades of experience, we are competent and comfortable working in residential properties.  We take great effort to ensure that we minimize the impact to the homeowner’s living space and lifestyle during the painting job.  We know that our customers value their home, their belongings, their time and comfort.  We want our customers to be pleased every step of the way.

Radden Painting has crews of residential house painting specialists, each of whom is friendly and committed to quality workmanship.  At any point during a painting job, our customers can ask about the job and why we do certain things.  We are always happy to answer any questions.  Radden Painting cares about the quality of our work and our service.

When it comes to reimagining residential spaces, Radden Painting is the right choice. Regardless of the aesthetics, we can make your home look spectacular. Contact us to discuss your plans.  We can paint any part of your home, from the roof all the way down to the basement.  Reimagine your rooms with our professional interior painting services. Add depth and character to your walls with our exceptional wall covering solutions. Make your home stand out from the rest with our superb exterior painting solutions.  No matter what your residential painting needs may be, you can depend on Radden Painting to get the job done right the first time, every time.  We follow time-tested processes, utilizing top-notch equipment and high-standard, brand name materials.  We take the time to consider all of your requests and follow your plan down to the last detail.

We know that choosing new colors for inside or outside your home can sometimes be difficult. Before we start a painting job, we’ll send one of our painters to apply some sample colors in small test areas, giving you confidence in knowing that you will be happy with your color choice before we start the actual painting.  We start the exterior painting process by pressure washing your home, then removing defective paint.  We’ll also replace defective caulk and re-caulk any windows and doors to complete the fresh, new look.

When painting residential interiors, it is our objective at Radden Painting to enhance the distinct personality of each room, reflecting the discerning uniqueness of your vision. Regardless of the look that you want, we can accommodate your preference to perfection.  Besides guaranteeing our customers complete, even paint coverage on all painted surfaces, we pride ourselves on achieving silky, smooth woodwork, which is a direct result of our exceptional prep work using the best tools to apply the fresh coat of paint.

While interior painting is chiefly cosmetic, exterior painting serves a dual purpose.  In addition to being appealing to the eye, the prep work which includes needed caulking, sanding and priming is intended to create a barrier against the elements.  And nobody does it better than Radden Painting. We want the finished product to last for years to come so that you are assured that your investment in your home pays long-term dividends through lasting beauty.

Our full-service residential painting process includes:

  •  In-home color consultations by one of our painting specialists
  • Detailed, written project planning to facilitate your needs
  • Proper preparation of all surfaces including drywall repair, if needed
  • Vigilant protection of all home furnishings and floors
  • Expert painting with top, name brand products
  • Careful touch up of all details
  • Complete cleanup after the job is finished

When looking for residential painting in Lexington, Kentucky, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc.  You can trust Radden Painting with all of your residential painting needs. For more information, check out our website at