Exterior Painting Contractors

When searching for exterior painting contractors, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky.When searching for exterior painting contractors, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc.  Having painted thousands of homes in Central Kentucky over the last 85 years, Radden Painting excels in exterior painting.

If the exterior of your home is looking tired and worn, you’re going to be amazed at the difference a new paint job by Radden Painting will make.  Let us help you determine just what you want for your exterior look.  You have to maintain your home’s exterior and it’s our priority to provide you with the expert quality exterior painting care you can depend on to get your house looking its best in no time at all.

Not many things can look more lackluster and dull than a home that has rather shabby exterior painting.  Fading, peeling and soiled paint on the exterior can detract from the look of your home..  However, it can be turned around when you choose Radden Painting.  We can provide you with fine exterior painting service.  Our staff consists of some of the most committed, diligent and attentive painting professionals in the area.

If you see any hints of bare wood, that’s usually a strong indication that exterior painting is a must.  Old paint that is fading can make any home look tired and worn out and that’s definitely not something that you want.  Other big clues include water stains, mold stains, peeling, wood rot and missing window glazing and caulking.  If you notice any of these problems when you look at the exterior of your home, you need prompt exterior painting work.

Perhaps you’re simply tired of the look of your home and you think it’s time for something new and different.  Regardless of the reason for painting your house, think of the peace of mind you will have knowing the entire exterior of your home is freshly painted and protected from the elements. 

Radden Painting is a terrific choice for homeowners in Central Kentucky who are looking for quality painting work for the exteriors of their residences.  If you want to update the exterior of your home and give it a great look that will make you the envy of all your guests and neighbors, new paint can truly go a long way. 

When reviewing exterior paint contractors, here are reasons to choose Radden Painting:

  • Free, detailed, accurate written painting proposal
  • No surprise upcharges from our quote
  • Fast response time
  • No mess left behind
  • Professional results guaranteed
  • Flexible payment options

Our painting specialists are ready to climb the ladder and get to work.  Your home’s exterior will be a testimony to our quality work.  Radden Painting goes the extra mile to make sure our work is to your complete satisfaction.  All painted surfaces will be properly prepared before applying any finishes and will be completed according to industry standards.  We guarantee the highest measure of quality craftsmanship.

Our exterior painting process at Radden Painting includes:

  • Complete exterior power washing to remove loose paint, dirt and mildew
  • Sanding and scraping all areas with peeling or loose paint
  • Replacing any damaged or rotten trim
  • Filling holes and cracks to create a uniform surface
  • Carefully protecting all home features and landscaping with tarps
  • Painting your home with the finest products available
  • Careful touch up of all details
  • Complete cleanup after the job is finished

Radden Painting is the leading exterior painting contractor in Central Kentucky.  As a family owned business, we bring a personal touch to each customer’s exterior painting project, working with every customer to transform their vision into a reality.  Trusted for more than 84 years, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality exterior home painting services at competitive prices.  We’re licensed, bonded and insured to bring our professional expertise to homes in Lexington all throughout Central Kentucky.  We’ll complete the job within the timeframe and budget set up front. No unexpected delays or hidden charges is our promise to every Radden customer.

When looking for exterior painting contractors in Lexington, Kentucky, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son, Inc.  You can trust Radden Painting with all of your painting needs. For more information, check out our website at www.raddenpainting.com