Commercial Painting Contractor Lexington KY

When searching for a commercial painting contractor in Lexington, KY, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son.  With over eight decades of experience, B.L. Radden & Son will always do whatever is necessary to deliver the ultimate satisfaction to our clients.  Over many years of delivering high quality results in commercial painting, B.L. Radden & Son has built a strong reputation for being one of the leading painting contractors in the greater Lexington area.

B.L. Radden & Son is comprised of highly trained, knowledgeable full-time painters who pay close attention to details while helping transform “world-class” facilities.  B.L. Radden & Son is the painting company that can provide you with an unmatched customer experience complete with quality work, total professionalism and unequalled expertise.

At B.L. Radden & Son, our painting projects are managed and staffed by our team from start to finish.  Accountability for service and quality remains a responsibility of our staff.  Our painters are skilled and experienced veterans of professional caliber we trust to perform to their highest capabilities at all times. 

B.L. Radden & Son utilizes only quality materials provided by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.  Strong relationships with manufacturer’s representatives ensures the right coating at the best cost for every job, no matter the application.

Your customer’s perception of your facility’s appearance plays a crucial role in the way you do business.  Whether your commercial facility is a small chain store or a large strip center, you need a professional, experienced team to get the job done.  As a leading commercial painting contractor in Lexington, KY, B.L. Radden & Son has the expertise to complete your project to your standards, the first time, every time.  As a proud family-owned business committed to quality, we settle for nothing less than 100% client satisfaction.  Our team’s strong work ethic and attention-to-detail results in an exceptional finished product.

As your commercial painting contractor in Lexington, KY, B.L. Radden & Son has the equipment and experience necessary to paint churches, high-rise apartments, hotels, office buildings, retail stores, shopping centers, hospitals, restaurants and many other structures.  When the job has been completed, you’ll be amazed by the results.  Our company has been serving greater Lexington area clients for over eighty years.  B.L. Radden & Son’s team structure, delivery process and communications practice is ideal for commercial buildings and managed properties.

When searching for a commercial painting contractor in Lexington, Kentucky, look no further than B.L. Radden & Son.B.L. Radden & Son aims to ensure that your property looks its best on a year-round basis.  We’re a team of hardworking painting professionals with a good eye for design.  We’ll always work to provide you with:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Unequalled workmanship
  • Prompt job completion
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Leading businesses and commercial properties in and around Lexington have relied on B.L. Radden & Son as the commercial painting contractor of choice.

B.L. Radden & Son commercial painters have the skills necessary to complete the most challenging commercial painting projects.  When it comes to choosing a cost-effective, quality commercial painting contractor in Lexington, KY, B.L. Radden & Son is the company businesses trust.  Our highly skilled commercial painters are dedicated to giving our clients their maximum return on investment.  B.L. Radden maintains the highest standards of quality and professionalism. 

For your commercial painting project, simply give B.L. Radden & Son a call at (859) 252-1445.  We’re proud to be the oldest and most experienced painting company in Lexington, KY.